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I create miracles
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My current laptop is pretty old now and has been pretty problematic as of late so I was thinking of buying a new one but I'm pretty bad at this thing. So I need some suggestion for good laptops. I want something that is strong enough that I can play something like DotA2 comfortably enough but not exactly top-end gaming laptop. My budget is pretty good, so fire away any suggestion you think is good as long as it's not overkill. If possible, please link respectable review of it as well. And no, I won't buy a desktop because I really need portability, so it must really be laptop.

Thanks in advance.
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Apparently Blake in a tad small bikini is offensive enough to warrant removal?


Well, maybe I don't update Bara Nikki at all because at this rate, there's gonna be random holes here and there in this gallery. Maybe you guys can find in someone's imgur or something. I'll upload the missing one in my pixiv.

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I'm gonna write about disappointing turnouts in current anime season, Summer 2015. Though I'm gonna preface this by saying that some of these are not necessarily bad, but rather, could have become better and more interesting and exciting. This is not necessarily nitpicking either because I sincerely believe that some of this turnouts essentially break an otherwise anime with great initial start. In this random journal update I'm just gonna focus on anime that I really think had great potential, and in some, is still a good story, but with some chinks that prevented me from truly enjoying it or regarding it as a truly wholesome good anime.

Fate Kaleid 2Wei Herz:
I really love Fate Kaleid, the first 2 seasons I mean. It is a wholesome anime with great art and beautiful animation. It perfectly blend and mix parody, comedy, drama, fanservice, and action in a neat, gorgeous package. It has everything and they were paced perfectly. Season 3 however, did not. The first 5 episodes of this season are essentially comedic OVAs. Fate Kaleid don't really make a good comedy anime due to its slapstick tendency and its abrupt randomness and absurdity. The previous 2 seasons are okay because they are evenly spread inbetween serious story and awesome action scenes. However, season 3 just chuck the first 5 episodes to be full slice of life but mostly absurd comedy fanservice anime, which is tiring, especially that they're not that funny or entertaining in the first place. Ilya's friends are just not that funny, the entire early episodes feel like OVAs that you don't have to watch. They get less and less funny the more episodes it came. You can just skip the first 5 episodes and enjoy the better story from episode 6 onward. 

Charlotte is supposed to be emotional and dramatic. The premise sounded promising. A group of students struggling with their supernatural power in their day to day basis. I would love to watch story about that, about characters fighting temptation to use their powers for their own greed, or a character having to deal with the aftermath of his or her power went wrong, or characters feeling responsible to do good with the power, to protect others and make people happy or something. But, sadly, Charlotte is not filled with that but rather, went with the 'Science is evil' cliche. There are scientists who want to study these power, but for some reason, they are being such a dick about it. One of character with super power was driven insane by unethical scientific experiment, and the whole organization is essentially being very complacent about it and continue doing gruesome evil experiments on these superpowered individuals for greedy purpose like making human weapons and such.

Here's what I hated, these scientists are especially written to simply be evil, even when it does not make sense. The way they conduct science is just so unscientific. They remarked how the subjects are disposable. I was like, WHAT? The number of superpowered individuals are already scarce in the first place, and everyone has unique powers, and you say that they are disposable and can be tested to the extreme? Seriously? Fuck no, every single one of them are valuable test subjects invaluable in study of the supernatural power. Not to mention that the power fade out when the individual gradually become older. There is no need for them to be so evil and manipulative. It's an insultingly cheap plot convenience.

And then, the characters. The main characters are just so unlikable. Yu is an arrogant manipulative dick that takes his sister to die horribly to finally become a decent person. Nao despite wanting to protect others, are doing shitty job at them, and is generally condescending, and constantly insult and berate other people. The megane guy is being extremely gag character in a serious story that it just feel weird and unfitting. The idol character had a great start with the whole her dead sister is her other personality thing, but later on, she's reduced to be a simple mascot character. Basically, I hated every single one of the main cast.

GATE is an exciting story with great start, but is entirely marred by bad characters that gradually become bad over time, which annoyed me, because most of these bad characters, I actually liked in the early part. Here's a summation.

Itami became a Gary Stu, instead of his earlier rendition which makes more like a respectable everyday man that is relatable in a way how we are unmotivated, probably not working in our preferred career, and just want to spend our time with our lone hobby. He was a respectable character, he don't really like the whole military thing in the first place but in the face of danger and responsibility, he man up and become a competent leader. Sounds like a wise man. But then, everything become stupid when we discovered that he's actually a badass elite soldier with impressive records, he's very famous among higher ups and constantly being complimented by them, he's attractive to most female characters, and then he's also married to a gold-digger, though now an ex, but he's so kind and awesome that he mentioned that he don't mind dying for her, and want her to take his insurance money. Also, he's a lazy otaku just so he can relate to the typical nerd loser otaku with harem fantasy badass stereotype more.

Pina starts as an admirable character trying to prove her worth, but she is turned to comedy material later on. Same with that female soldier in Itami's unit. The elf is so-so because not much story about her is revealed yet. Rory is needlessly sexualized and her being 800 years old and some kinda deity for god of death that ended up wanting to bang Itami further reinforce how Gary Stu Itami is, and everyone else are comic villains. The only likable character here is the Mage.

Started off good, but I find the excessive dialogues and details unnecessary that it feels like it's padding and adding filler. It's slow, the dialogues are slow and not really entertaining type of slow dialogues. Many of those conversations are unnecessary, like most of the dialogues with the band of adventurers when Ains disguise as Momon. The excessive amount of dialogues feels like it's cutting the anime runtime, especially when it's about any of Ains' followers excessively and obsessively praising Ains or when Ains himself speak in a very slow and grandiose manner. I swear if they cut some of these dialogues, they could have an extra episode to work with. Excessive talking is fine in anime like Monogatari and Katanagatari where it's almost the entire point of the story, but in Overlord, the world setting should take priority. Though, the story is still very interesting, only I think the things that the screenwriter wanted to show here work better in book or visual novel format than in anime.
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