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This has been overdue for quite a while but it's finally time.

Goodbye, and thank you for the krill.

This is probably my last journal update in a while, and that goes double for anymore comics, illustrations, designs, and anime recommendations. Life finally got in the way and there's very few thing that can be done about it. Don't expect much more activity from me from now on. I will try to upload some stuffs from time to time, but it will be at much slower rate. I am on hiatus indefinitely from now.

It was a blast while it lasted but all things must come to an end. Don't be sad because it's over, be happy that it happened.

Then, arrivederci. Thank you for following and watching me all these times.

Yours truly,
It has to be noted that I don't watch ALL the anime this season has to offer due to obvious time limitation and this is just first impression of a few episodes in.

Arslan Senki:
Seems like a serious realistic middle age political and war conflict drama. Story hasn't gone far enough yet but it has great art and production value. I definitely would continue watching it to see how it will go. The main character is a kind and weak character and I'm looking forward for his development, especially in this more gritty and bloody setting. The middle age setting is also refreshing to see amidst most anime as of late that tends to be futuristic or modern. Researches were certainly done to make the setting and culture look natural and exotic.

Denpa Kyoushi:
An eccentric person forced to teach in a high school. A used premise, but the 2 episodes I watched is decently entertaining. However, the mediocre art is a bit of a turnoff. I'll stay for a few more episodes and see if the humour and characters could be better. But eh, it has Hiroshi Kamiya as the lead voice, so there's that for some people.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (DanMachi):
I cheated and went to read the manga after the skepticism I had watching the first episode. It's trash and exemplifies what is exactly wrong with the current action fantasy genre. My rant towards how utterly insultingly bad the manga is could be another journal update itself but let's just say it's so terrible and mindblowingly shallow and self-gratifying, I hate it with passion and I hate you guys who think it's good and failed to see what's wrong with it. It's a fucking shame to see a seemingly high production value to go to a series like this.

Kemonomimi harem fanservice ahoy. Humorous, plenty of physical gag and fanservice to enjoy. However, the biggest draw is the chibi 3DCG battle scenes. It looks pretty, polished, and smooth while being exciting. The main neko is a bit too loud and dumb of a character but with large cast of kemonomimi, I'm looking forwards for more focus on other characters and generally decent albeit slapstick humour.

Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic:
Continuation of Kiniro Mosaic and it's as cute and funny as ever. One of my favourite this season and is still a very solid moe blob slice of life type. I would recommend both this and the first season if you like cute girls doing cute stuffs, and occasional fake gaijin accent trying to speak Japanese. It's a feel-good anime that everyone should watch.

Hibike, Euphonium:
Kyoani's anime for this season featuring brass band members with lots and lots of characters. What astonishing about Kyoani's anime is, how full of life their characters are. I really enjoyed all the smaller nuances in the characters interactions and their dialogues. I love how natural their conversation seems and well and harmonized they are in the setting. Anime is not just about what is the main plot and premise, but how also smaller aspects like how the characters talk to each other and various small movements they do. Well, this is just me but I always admire Kyoani's cinematography. Eventhough there's a few main characters, they all feel equal to other side characters. It gives credence to the how 'full of life' the characters are and how I appreciate them as a more fleshed out characters in an equal setting. It's interesting and compelling and I'm looking forward on how they will improve as a band.

Houkago no Pleiadas:
Originally a bunch of OVAs few years back and now it's an anime. Great cute art, and various reference to aeronautics and astronomy. It did not stray away from the normal innocent mahou shoujo genre formula, but it is very interesting on how they focused on teamwork and team cohesion rather than just power of friendship solves all. Great and entertaining character interactions and dynamic between the cute girls. The fallible and flawed antagonist-rival-villain is an interesting sight. The friendship between the 2 main girls is also very heartwarming.

Kekkai Sensen:
This feels like Durarara, but in New York, in a more supernatural setting. With jazz. The interesting setting sells it, and the roundabout storytelling reminds me of Durarara, which is good. Lots of characters which I'm looking forward to see more.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid:
I haven't really watch this but if you're a fan of Nanoha, you should watch it. It's a sequel for a series from 8 years so there's that.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku:
Ugh, as much as I like yuri, I don't like dumb, loud, rabid sexual predator of a yuri girl like the lead character. I watched the first 2 episodes and I dislike her already. The setting feels like Baka Test, but only less humorous and more typical shounen-ish. It's hard to not watch it without grain of salt.

Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu:
A spinoff of a rather old Haruhi series. Yuki is a hopeless trainwreck in love, but she's cute if you're into that. Kyon is as snarky and entertaining as ever and is still voiced by the godly Sugita which to me is the biggest reason to watch this. It's a funny and entertaining slice of life series and Haruhi fans should definitely watch it.

Nisekoi S2:
I liked the first season but even then I think it's pushing it on how many girls are falling for the lead character, and how hopeless they can be. I think SHAFT made it more entertaining than it should be. But iunno, I think I'm gonna ditch this knowing that the manga is endlessly going for romcom aspect without any real development in the rom part. This is just me but don't let me stopping you. I'm just not a fan of lead characters being treated like he's the only decent guy in the universe for all the girls to fall in love with.

Plastic Memories:
While the concept of the blurry line between human and human-like robot is nothing new, this anime still interests me with the setting and established rules about the robots. What is also interesting is the position the protagonist is in, being someone who works to take away and terminate the robots. Hints were dropped here and there that is fairly thought-provoking and the nature of Isla. The anime itself is humorous but it has a fair amount of serious moments and implications. The first episode was quite powerful and emotional. While I think it could be predictable on how the story would go, I am still interested in what would happen to the lead duo.

This anime is shroom. Watch it if you like random hilarity. And lots of pantyshot.

Slice of life with supernatural element. While it has some funny and heartwarming moments, the overall low production value puts a hamper on its enjoyability. The animation and art feels amateurish and mediocre.

Show by Rock!!:
This is a bit weird. Basically, it's a girls music band anime in a modern fantasy cyber world setting. But when they play, they turn into a bunch of furries 3DCG. So yeah, if you hate furries you might want to stay away, but I think the music is pretty sweet and the story has potential for good and entertaining character developments. And everyone is a kemonomimi. The characters and art is pretty good and has that shiny glistening colour feels. I would continue watching this but I don't think I'll put like any serious thoughts.

Sidonia no Kishi S2:
First season of Sidonia was great, and its continuation so far is also very interesting, delving through more dark secrets and government conspiracies while balancing with mecha on giant alien action. And I think the CG has improved from the first season. Nevertheless, I would recommend to watch the first season and continue on on this.

Tesagure! Bukatsumono:
This is actually the third season and I watched both previous seasons and I'm still loving it. It's not really an anime per se, but more like about a bunch of people talking bout anime and manga conventions. Think of it as like a bunch of people brainstorming ideas and generally talking about anime. It's fourth wall breaking and a bit meta at times. I love it and the ad-lib part in the second half of the episode is very entertaining and unconventional for an anime, like a talk show, or a podcast. This anime require fairly in-depth knowledge on anime conventions and cliches though for it to be really understood and digested.
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Rather, aim realistically. Don't try to be too ambitious, know your limit or else you'll just disappoint yourself.

Before you set on doing something, you should really determine the type and amount of resources required to commit to it. What skill is required, how much time you have and willing to spend, and the necessary mental fortitude to obtain this resource and later then to actually commit your precious time on it. The output equivalent to the effort you put in.

One might say that the journey is the fun part but lots of personal satisfaction also hinges on the results produced. If you spent a fair amount of time in polishing your skill in something like music or art, and later on you discovered that you're really just bad at it and have very few impressive results to show, most people would be disappointed. It's a resource spent to obtain something meager. Sure, you might improve over time, but if there's no guarantee that it will produce results worthwhile of the effort invested, then you might later be more disappointed over wasted time and energy that could have gone to somewhere more worthwhile. This especially more true on unrealistically big goals in which you do not have the necessary skills and resource. Well, yet. Depends.

Achievable. With tangible products. These two aspect is important on giving you a sense of progress. A proof of hard works. If you ever try to study for exams, most people would have goal something like 'To understand this subject more'. This goal is obscure, has no parameter, and unclear. You have no real clear objective aim with this kind of wording. Instead, you can set a goal something like 'I want to be able to write a short essay on interactions between A and B' or 'I want to be able to memorize a list and their definitions and how they are related to each other and then able to write it down like if there will be an exam question on this'. This way you have a clear goal, an endgame on what you want to achieve. With the first mind set, you don't even know when to stop unlike the second mind set where you have an imaginary progress bar.

Realistically achievable. Everyone has a lofty goal or some sort but not everyone has the necessary resource to do so.

For example, I have seen enough people who try to draw manga with dramatic and epic story planned on it. But doing manga requires high amount of skill and most people who are inspired to draw a manga really don't have those skills. I've seen enough people who drew one page of something and in the description, s/he elaborated really lengthily on how s/he wanted the story to go and often enough it really didn't go anywhere due to lack of skill, or lack of time, or both. Those who managed to rack up a decent amount of pages also often enough just gave up before the story is going anywhere. Because making manga is just too unrealistic to most people. I see enough manga where after a few months and some pages later, the story literally haven't gone past first or second act. This is especially more prominent on serious story where you need proper setting and character establishment and then to incite conflicts and much more. And sometimes they just don't get enough viewership because as previously said, it took too long for the story to go to anywhere significant. And then the artist get discouraged by the lack of support and no longer has the motivation to continue.

This goal is just not achievable to most people. And you're really asking for it if you get disappointed later on.

Know your limit. Utilize and invest your resource properly.
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