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Hope they done messing things up and things will improve from now on.

Will write more of my thoughts if I ever feel like it.
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21/8/15 EDIT: It's about halfway through the season now, so I'm rectifying some rating.

DISCLAIMER: Ratings might change after further episodes.

Akagami no Shirayuki:
A mix of fairy tale and heartwarming slice of life romance in a fantasy setting where the lead is an admirable strong female character that lots of recent anime lacks. Great background musics too. 9/10.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu:
Stopped after 2 episodes due to lack of quality in animation, and boring characters, and the 'single tsukkomi syndrome'. *Not enough episodes watched to rate*

Bikini Warriors:
Dumb fanservice short anime that makes fun of RPG tropes. Not that humourous to me, or sexy. 3/10

- After a few episodes, I felt that I was too critical of this. It's overly ecchi and sexual, but the RPG tropes jokes are still fairly entertaining at times. The art is actually quite good. The short runtime actually makes the sexual element more tolerable. 5/10

Chaos Dragon:
Gimmicky, extremely needlessly angsty, boring characters, cliched, inconsistent art quality, and fuck, you can't just throw deaths nilly willy and expect us to empathize. More deaths does not mean compelling writing. There's a finesse in writing gritty and dark, not just stack the numbers. 3/10

I haven't watched past episode 1 because the lead character was a massive manipulative, malicious, remorseless, giant dickwad. *Not enough episodes watched to rate*

- Eventhough this has great premise which I think has lots of potential for highly emotional and deep story, I think it has been severely butchered by unlikable characters. The two lead characters are kinda of a dick, with little things to like about them and their personality, which made it hard for me to emotionally invest in them. The other 2 characters in the main group is also played for humour too much. I didn't like how the idol character had a great introduction episode, but immediately turned into a simple mascot character. I feel like there's a wasted potential here, it could have been more compelling and interesting, but I just find it hard to like the lead characters. Could just be me though. Also, the whole thing about science is evil thing just piss me off. There are several other aspects I can complain that makes this anime less fun for me but I don't really want to write too much. 6.5/10

Classroom Crisis:
It has cool and interesting premise with the whole research and development theme for sure, and I think the male lead is a compelling realistic character even though he's a bit of a wimp, but the story is marred by the comical villains and the lack of faith of the writers to trust the viewers to find the main theme compelling which resulting in them making the show shoving slapsticks and some bad humours instead. 6/10

- This had great premise that if tackled seriously, could be a very engaging story, however, the tendency of the writing to make everything more slapstick than it should made this a subpar comedy, rather than a story about character development or the romance of the space technology itself. It has many overly comical characters and moments that made it hard to take the actual serious plot seriously. The lack of focus on its wide range of characters are also a let-down. The many characters in the club are left to be one-dimensional and the two characters it decide to focus itself does not feel too engaging or to be interested on. 5/10

Durarara!! X2 Shou:
Still an unbelievably captivating anime with crisscrossing story arcs between the many many characters, with very interesting narrative and storytelling. It's ability to make the most one-dimensional character-type into a fun and entertaining character is admirable. Even worth of multiple rewatching so you can piece the episodes and story together better. 8.5/10

Gakkou Gurashi:
A compelling switch and bait, combining two very extreme theme of slice of life and psychological, horror, violence. Gimmicky, but with lots of good side such as good art, good characters and extremely good music that really brings out the emotional stake during the more intense scenes. The only thing to dislike is the obvious bumbling, dojikko, cutesy, kinda dumb, designated cute woobie that is main female lead. 8/10

I didn't make it past episode 2 because of HORRIBLE pacing issue and the general slowness of the story without enticing and fun dialogues or scenes. *Not enough episodes watched to rate*

Gatchaman Crowds Insight:
Watch it if you like the first season. I personally like all the social and political commentaries it brings though I wouldn't recommend it to most people. The art is not for everyone and there's many arguably annoying characters. 5/10

A funner Outbreak Company with a more lovable lead character. A fun adventurous story that does not shy away at being realistic and bloody. 9/10

- I just want to say that fuck Pina and Rory. Your needless sexual elements are not helping this anime becoming more compelling. 9/10

God Eater:
The art style with stylized shading is a like or hate it but the main issue with this anime is how boring the individual scenes are with boring characters. Severely lacking energy and excitement leading to no suspense or thrill whatsoever. Very yawn-inducing and slow-paced. 5/10

- Still boring. Here's a tip, don't make every single one of your characters stoic silent badasses. 5/10

Himouto! Umaru-chan:
Cute and hilarious. Umaru can be annoying at times, but still an enjoyable comedy with various "Seriously what the fuck, Japan." moments. 7/10

Jitsu wa Watashi wa:
Hilarious romcom with cast of outrageous dumb supernatural characters. Great art in overall, with some good music here and there. Even the slapsticks are enjoyable. The exaggerated facial expressions are quite fun as well. 8/10

- Still a decent comedy with hilarious characters, however, the overthetopness gets tiring sometimes. 7/10

Joukamachi no Dandelion:
Gorgeous art with decently interesting premise. Humours can be so-so at times but there are times it's quite funny. Some of the main characters are annoying. Good thing to watch if you like cute and pretty art and don't expect too much. 6.5/10

- This actually is quite fun with great art, as long as it's not about the main character, Akane. The story about her siblings are way more fun and not one-dimensional like her. It's funny, silly, and heartwarming. 7/10

Kuusen Madoushi:
No, I'm not gonna watch it after reading that goddamn awful summary. *Not enough episodes watched to rate*

Million Doll:
Surprisingly interesting but it also helps that it's a 5-8 minutes anime. Mediocre art, but if you like idol genre, you should try it. 6/10

Miss Monochrome Season 2:
Didn't watch it because I disliked the first season. 

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou:
Haven't watched it yet.

Non Non Biyori Repeat:
A brilliant slice of life that stays true to its root of being a, well, a slice of life. Cute, innocent, and pure, with various funny and hilarious moments. Also heartwarming at times. 9/10

Okusama ga Seitokaichou:
Short fanservicey anime but has surprisingly cute main couple and some funny moments. Really great art and funny facial expressions. Some fanservice moments are actually quite interesting instead of being straight dirty raunchy fanservice. 6/10

Continuing the whole recent trend of getting sucked into online game thing, but with a twist, the main character is an OP evil warlock that has no qualms of killing innocent people and really wreaking havoc. It has unique premise and setting which the genre needs instead of a more standard adventure shonen story. Very meta at times. The story is a bit slow, but it's still very interesting and promising and I'm really interested in seeing what will unfold. The main lead is very insightful and interesting. 9/10

- Eventhough I really like and still like the premise, this anime suffers from slowness. Too much time is spent on the needlessly long dialogues and revelations by other characters on uninteresting details that did not need to be told. 8/10

Prison School:
I have only watched some bits of it of episode 1. I refuse to watch it further for personal reason.

Ranpo Kitan:
A crime detective story that pays homage to old crime story tropes. Reminds me of Kindaichi or Detective Conan. The whole stageplay motifs that it constantly switch to and seemingly addressing expositions straight to the viewers gave it a unique fourth wall breaking atmosphere, instead of just straight telling a story in a normal manner. 7/10

Rokka no Yuusha:
Brilliant and well executed scenes with interesting and unique setting and compelling characters. It's thrilling, suspenseful, and very exciting with great art and overall animation. The great sound tracks accompanies the transitions of events and flow of the story really well. 9.5/10

Senki Zeshou Symphogear:
A continuation of Symphogear, fuck yeah. 9999/10

- 99999/10

Even with the blatantly absurd world setting and the overly fanservicey premise, it's still actually a pretty interesting (but still very absurd) story and gets quite hilarious at times. Art is also very good. Watch it for the lulz. 7/10

Sore ga Seiyuu:
Overall terrible art and animation, the comedy is decent to so-so but the behind the scene story of the seiyuu industry makes it still worthwhile to watch. 5.5/10

- I just think the storytelling of this anime and the overall quality is fairly poor. The only thing that is still making me watch this anime is because the whole seiyuu job concept is still interesting, and the characters are at least making a progress. It was painful to watch them being underdog for too long. 5/10

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd:
No, I won't watch this.

Ushio to Tora:
Haven't watched this either

Wakaba Girl:
Cute, moe and funny short anime. Basically like Kiniro Mosaic but with clueless ojou-sama character instead of foreigners. Decent thing to watch if you have 10 minutes to spare. 7/10

Season 3 of unique comedy of bizarre cast of absurd characters. It can get slapstick, but its dry snarky humour is quite unique amidst the tsukkomi heavy comedy in most anime nowadays. A must watch if you liked the first 2 seasons. 7.5/10
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As of today, 7 more of my artworks have been removed by dA and that sucked. If this is due to I was reported by someone, I want you to know that I'm grateful and thank you for your hard work to make the internet a better place. I hope you continue your crusade. Amen.
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