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I create miracles
Favourite genre of music: Instrumental, Metal, Orchestra, Anime
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All are my own subjective rating.

Comet Lucifer - Sweet mech, but boring characters and unexciting characters so far. The mysterious girl is also not interesting so far. 6/10

Concrete Revolutio - My favourite this season. The multiple point of time storytelling is really exciting and unique and the world setting is really interesting. Some social commentaries as well. It's a seemingly campy and dorky absurdist series but with some surprising depth and compelling characters. 9/10

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - Oh, fuck you. 3/10

Garo: Guren no Tsuki - Even as Garo fan, I can't stand the subpar art and the setting in feudal Japan feels really backward and uninteresting. 4/10

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? - I NEED MY INSULIN, THE MOE IS SO HIGH. If you don't watch this, I hate you so much. 9/10

Hacka Doll the Animation - Short anime that gets absurd and random sometimes. Art gets all off-model and weird looking sometimes. But it's short and sometimes the comedy is fairly decent. The girls are cute. Even the trap. Did I say trap? SPOILERRR. 6.5/10

Heavy Object - I didn't get far but in the few episode I saw and based on Shikni's screencaps he showed in our chatroom, I hate it. But I'm gonna be fair and not rate this. Watch it if you like it when a story tries to be serious with war and conflict and then shove lots of needless fanservice. Also fuck it has one of the worst first 10 minutes of the first episode I've seen in quite a while.

K: Return of Kings - Aside from one of the most impressive action scenes I've seen in quite a while, especially the first few episodes, it's still fairly a meh needlessly convoluted story full of beautiful men. Watch it if you're already a fan. For new people, watch it for the action and skip most of the anime and you'll be fine. 6/10

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphan - If you ignore some of the very comic villains, it has an interesting setup. A darker and grimmer side of the war with the whole orphaned mercenaries thing just trying to make a living and make their lives better. Also the main 2 characters are totally Kamina and Simon. 7.5/10

Noragami Aragoto - Definitely a more high tension and dramatic and action-packed compared to first season. Might be worthwhile for newer viewer to watch the first season. The whole concept of God and Regalias and the blight/scourge/curse whatever in modern Japan setting is quite interesting. It has interesting and lovable characters. 7/10

One Punch Man - HEROES, dadadadada, HEROES! Hilarious and exciting series for any demographic. 9/10

Owarimonogatari - Eh, if you even care about this, you probably already a fan of Monogatari. Watch it if you're a fan.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - Oh, fuck you. 1.5/10

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru - Another detective story? It's intriguing and based on a lot of accurate science and Sakurako feels like a girl Dr House... if you really like that. It's kinda fun and exciting at times, but as long as you don't mind the conspicuously-knowing-a-lot-of-trivia-from-not-her-scientific-field protagonist, you'd enjoy it if you like detective story. 7.5/10. 

Subete ga F ni Naru - The slow pace and the relatively uninteresting characters kinda made the mystery less intriguing or exciting. Maybe if you really like mystery and detective genre, you can try it. 5.5/10

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai - Oh, fuck you. 2.5/10

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note - Aya is cute. 6.5/10

Utawarerumono: Itsuwaro no Kamen - It started strong, but later on it gets abit boring with bad cinematography, dialogues, and storytelling. Haku started fairly interesting but later on he just become kinda dull and slow instead of the whole hidden genius thing he supposedly have. Kuon is a fun character, but feels like the story is crowded with more and more characters without anything actually interesting happening. But the alternate world setting is kinda interesting. The art is great. 6.5/10

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Oh, fuck you. 0.5/10

Young Black Jack - Even with some comical villains, they should be ignored and focused on Black Jack and who he deems worthy alone. And it's an exciting and pulse pounding story with many great moments especially during the surgeries. Some actually well-researched medical cases and knowledge. The time setting during the Vietnam made it truly unique compared to most anime recently and seeing Black Jack develop as a character is exciting. 8/10

Yuru Yuri San Hai! - Cute girls, moe, great comedies, and Ayano. Go watch it. 8.5/10
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It's an idea that been around in my head for quite a while, and for quite a while as well, I've been meaning to recommend this idea to proper channel, to RT themselves or whatnot, but, I thought that it was the most elementary thing ever in term of making a franchise or a series, considering its relative easiness to produce one, and its many advantage, considering RT's position in the market, as compared to obscure Japanese studio.

I'm talking about Drama CD.

It's a bit annoying to properly define what a drama CD is, suffice to say, let's just at its most basic form, it's a series of audio from a series, usually featuring the characters in side plots, more commonly on mundane daily events that bear little significance to the main plot of the main series. Usually in a form of a straightforward audio files, but a higher production value makes them in a pseudo-visual novel, including various character arts, maybe with different emotions and expressions arts, or with different art style, background arts, background musics, sound effects, and drama CD-unique characters.

Giving examples are easier, just spend few minutes on these.

Simple audio and some background sound and sound effects with a cover art.

A visual-novel style approach. With various background musics.

A more serious and dramatic first person audio. With many original singles. Plus some expositions on the setting.

A different way to show who's talking.

A shorter ones compared to the others.

Why RT need to do these?

Because, the characters in RWBY are not fleshed out at all. There's very little development, or even establishing of their character traits beside at the barest minimum. The eponymous team members are barely explored of their characters, personality, quirks, and motivations.Considering that how much time has passed since volume 1, there's really no other way to explore the many characters unless RT is considering going back in time and make volume 4 and 5 and 6 about their first 6 months in Beacon or something, but I highly doubt that, though personally, I'm in aye for that suggestion. Drama CD can fill in that gap.

And drama CD is a fairly low-resource production, considering RT's position as a content creator. It's VERY common for even unpopular manga and light novel in Japan to get drama CD before they get an anime, because they're just that easy to make. Get some voice actors, get some artist to do the arts, and get some script writer. Then someone with a simple sound library and editing software can make a decent enough drama CD. ESPECIALLY more easy that RWBY's voice actors are their own workers, instead of from talent agents that you have to make appointments to record lines. I think even I can do it if I'm willing to book a recording studio for a day and some sufficiently able random people to record lines.

Also, think of the platform RT has. RT depends on merchandising and ad revenues. These drama CD is not dissimilar to any other videos they do. Especially that each episodes of drama CD don't really have to be really long. Even a 5-10 minutes per episodes would suffice. They can even do some exploits by making certain episodes only available in their site. Or like, 6 completely original and new episodes in the Drama CD Compilation when they produced enough episodes to entitled a whole CD set.

Besides exploring characters, they can also expand on the lore and the settings of their world setting more. It's infuriating how little is actually shown in the actual show, especially even the main conflict, where we barely know anything. Aside from a more humorous and slice of lifey style, they can include a more serious episodes, exploring the various conflicts in the show, between the race, between the nations, between human and grimms, etc. Or really, they can just make many kawaii as fuck scenarios.

It also don't have to focus on the main protagonists alone. We can see stories from other characters points of view, even the villains. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what goes in Cinder's scheming mind? or Adam's observation of the whole conflict, or how Emmy and Merc spend their off-time. This humanizes the villains, making them more human and sympathetic with understandable motivations instead of being comic villains. One of the example above is a first person introspective narrative. We can apply the same to Penny. Imagine listening to Penny's thought all during her lying on top of a table being prodded and adjusted by whoever invented her. There are just so many possible interesting and compelling scenarios that can be done, considering the large cast of characters RWBY had.

I can come up with many many possible scenarios that expand the characters myself. Much more if you have multiple writers. Imagine an episode where team JNPR is going to an outing, but we get to listen what's in Ren's mind of all the things that happening while he's not saying anything to his team at all during the whole episode. That fleshes out his otherwise quiet and reserved character, while also exploring team JNPR dynamics as a team. Or as I mentioned before, drama CD can introduce an entirely new character, or be made from point of views of random people, observing the main characters. Like, imagine an episode from a waitress point of view at an eatery often frequented by Beacon students. She observed the different type of huntsman and huntresses.

Drama CD will also give so much more materials to work with for fan artists. There are just too many AUs and OCs, and largely it's because that there's not many thing to derive from in the first place. Fan artists can expand from the materials in the drama CD instead of having to speculate and conjecture and coming up with original materials of their own. It would be tremendously helpful to get to know the characters more intimately to more accurately depict them. 

I've written enough, but you get the idea.

Please RT, do this, and don't fuck it up. It's the least you can do considering how much you screwed up RWBY so far. 
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Fall Anime 2015.

Gakuen Toshi Asterisk and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry are an extremely insulting anime that I have witnessed since in quite some time. If you actually liked it, you're the problem with light novel-based anime and the sci-fi fantasy action genre anime in general. Please don't support this kind of writing, they're cancerous.
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