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June 2, 2013
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RWBY - Chromic Superiority by LunarisFuryAileron RWBY - Chromic Superiority by LunarisFuryAileron
Okay, Yellow's trailer is here, just watched it, and absolutely loved it.

I think I should write something here... Hmm...

I woke up this morning and was greeted with three different messages from different person asking my opinion of Yellow's trailers. I don't think my opinions matter much but I guess I'll give it a comment or two.

Basically, Yang is probably the most anime-looking of the RWBY cast. She's perky, hyperactive, and a badass. She's seem the type to not give a damn of what everybody else think and just want to have some fun and fooling around. Design-wise, I love her. Probably my new favourite. Her brownish jacket puffy jacket, fingerless glove, and scarf makes her look very manly. Remember how I said previously how I love cute girls wearing manly attire? Yang hits a lot of spots. Although as usual, I'm not too keen of the short shorts she's wearing. It's just me, pretty sure lots of viewers are already enjoying the thighs. She's reminiscent of Marisa, when I first saw her, I actually grinned, thinking something like, wow, you would be perfect as Marisa in my older RWBY cosplay 4koma. Her curly long hair is also something I loved, although that is already obvious from the silhouette. As far as her colour theme, she's more brownish orange than yellow and I'm having trouble picking colours for her. This is a rushed work so in the future I'll make sure to revise her colour scheme and pick a more suitable colour for my style.

Her weapon, a retracting golden gauntlet at the wrist with cartridge system for extra momentum. Also can be shot for ranged attack. The idea of powered glove is not really original, and the cartridges are reminiscent of Nanoha series. Then again, people has been clamoring for gunblades for so long, attaching a cartridge system to a different type of weapon is inevitable. Yang is a melee fighter using her fists. That just increases her badassness rating. Ruby's slash has a long and wide covering arc, Weiss has magic that can improve her mobility or impair her opponent's, and Blake can whip everything from half a mile away. But Yang, Yang just man up and go close up.

The trailers as a whole... it's badass. Disco remix of Red Like Roses, and it shows more of the setting of RWBY world. Apparently, you can lug around weapons without someone batting an eyelid. Great choreography as usual, and we also learnt that everybody has itchy fingers and apparently everybody is able to fight like an RPG character. Not gonna spoiler much, there's a multi rocket launcher involved.

Bah, there's too much to write, I'll write more later this week.

Back to the comic, I know I won't have enough time to wait till Yang is out to draw one since I've got thesis and stuffs to do, so I did this little crossover where I can draw the first three panel in advance... COME ON, you guys knew a Pokemon crossover is inevitable.

I think Yang has a bright prospective in my series. She seems much easier to write and I can already think of some good idea.

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It makes so much sense though!! 
ROFL!!!!!!!!! Excellent at the end
I'd take pikachu over those legendary Pokemon any day. It's strange but I think Pikachu grants eternal youth. I mean, he's been 10 for how long now?
No offense, but I think a fire type might be more suited for Yang.
You know, seeing as how she can set herself on fire.

But still, very funny.
GrimSoldier001 Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i think Yang would like Zapdos more so than Pikachu, but still that's pretty dang funny.
I was thinking about this but with a different topic (Can't believe Ruby likes Groudon...)
holyshadow73 Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmingplz: Bitch, please! I would much rather be accompanied by a Pikachu than one of the Legendaries.
Nightfall760 Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Unless its kyurem I rather go with him then pikachu
holyshadow73 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't give a crap. Pikachu and Eevee over any other Pokemon in existance!
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